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A Close Capture Of ZoeHut, A Fast Growing Literary Blog In Africa

A Close Capture Of ZoeHut, A Fast Growing Literary Blog In Africa


Every writer deserves a refreshing atmosphere tinged with lines of value. ZoeWrites Literary Blog is the right place for that.

ZoeWrites Literary Blog (ZoeHut) is an African literary blog, established with the aim of spreading African artful works everywhere, amidst propelling a channel for African writers and poets to be better in their craft.

Through enlightening articles, profound interviews and interesting book reviews that compels readers to take charge of their reading schedule and also appreciate the effort of African writers, ZoeHut is an hut of entertainment vis a vis education.

Every blogposts on the blog seeks to pass knowledge and add something new and exciting to a reader’s life and artistry.
It’s also a channel to promote budding African writers. This is done through book reviews, author spotlights, references and interviews.

Every writer deserves an air of recognition, promotion, entertainment and a refreshing atmosphere. ZoeHut is the best place to receive all this and more.


ZoeHut is run by Akanbi Odunayo Rhoda. She is a spontaneous poet, writer, consistent blogger and a lover of God, coffee and chocolate cake.
She’s also the author of two poetry anthologies; Memoirs of Love and Loss, Cycles.

She believes in storytelling and being descriptive. You’d definitely find this in her blogposts.

You can connect with her on Instagram : @thezoewrites

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