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Amara isn’t Amara?

Amara isn’t Amara?

“That guy is a prolific writer, I kid you not!” Eze said, the usual glint of enthusiasm I always saw in her eyes when she talked about someone she admired, very visible in her eyes.

I scrolled down the page she had given me to read through the works of the “prolific writer”.

“He sure has some talent. He has a very sophisticated way with words. It’s awesome.” I observed, put her phone on the bed as I walked towards the bathroom, hoping to have a silent bath without having to deal with Eze’s obsessions. Trust me, she never stops talking if she means to talk about something. Sometimes I wondered why the universe decided to torment with such a friend. I loved her. I really did…even more than I was supposed to. I am not a misanthropist but sometimes I wished she could just shut up. I didn’t like it when she talked about guys she crushed on.

Oya, come and see oo. He is as fine as his writings too. Haa my ovaries!”

I nearly banged my head on the bathroom wall when her voice vibrated through the bathroom. Yes, your guess is as good as mine. She was following me there despite the obvious signs of how disinterested I was with the topic.

“Stop all these drama, Eze. You are the erudite behaviourist for crying out loud. You should know better.” I shouted, hoping she would hear me from the bathroom since she hadn’t entered yet. “Also, stay out of the bathroom. Don’t follow me here.” I added and let out an audible sigh.

When I was done brushing my teeth, I took off the towel I had wrapped around my body and turned around to hang it so I could just bathe, pretending not to hear Eza chirp. Oddly, she seemed to have actually taken my advice. I couldn’t hear her talk.

“Jesus Christ, Eze!” My heart exploded in my chest when I turned and saw her standing behind me. “You don’t just sneak up on peopl-” I never got to finish what I had to say before I slipped on the wet bathroom floor but before my face could hit hard on the W.C, Eze caught me mid way. My gaunt naked body fell in her hands, my clammy skin touching hers. I began hyperventilating as I leaned on her. Our eyes locked for seconds which felt like forever. I could swear I saw all the beautiful part of the universe in her eyes — the oceans, the deserts, the forests, the waterfalls, the wildlife. Everything. Her eyes spoke to me…called out to me…beckoned to me…

“Amara! What the hell?” The shrill and almost inaudible cry from Eze pulled me out of whatever dreamland I was on. My lips were tightly stitched to hers when I forced my eyes opened. Fuck! My brain screamed.

“You do know that what you just did is against every etiquette we were nurtured with, right?” She hissed and walked out before I could say a word.

“Eze! Eze! Wait…this is a mistake.” I called after her.

“You don’t have to worry. Clearly, you are not who I thought you were but you don’t have to worry. I am not the type to malign the image of others. No one will hear about it. I only wished you trusted me enough to tell me you had feelings for women instead of men. Or-“

“-or maybe you missed the signs!” I cut in before slamming my naked butt hard on the king-size bed in my room, tears running down my face like a river which has broken its bank.

“It is alright, Amara. I understand. Humans are often capricious. And you always think you know someone until you realize you don’t. I might not be able to return your feeling towards me but I will never leave your side.” She advanced to hug me but I stopped her with my hands.

“Don’t worry. Hug me all you want.” She assured.

I wrapped my hands around her as if my very existence depended on hers. Maybe it did. “I love you, Eze,” I muttered, a bit scared she would get angry.

“I love you too…” She replied and paused before adding, “…but only as a friend . or a sister if you will.”

We both snickered…our laughs, filling the room.

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  1. Selase Atsu

    Nice piece☺️

  2. Well, this took an interesting turn. Well done.

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