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Author’s Lounge: With Emily Morgans, Author of A Midsummer Night’s Kiss, Lady Match, others

Author’s Lounge: With Emily Morgans, Author of A Midsummer Night’s Kiss, Lady Match, others


Emily Morgans describes herself as a “Mum of a tiny tyrant writing fairy tales for grown-ups during her (admittedly sparse) free time.

She is the author of the Spellbound Series, A Midsummer Night’s Kiss, Lady Match (which is also the focus of our discussion today).

She writes mainly Historical and Fantasy Romance.

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Watch trailer: https://youtu.be/3s7MdsjswfQ


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The Interview

How long have you been writing or when did you start?

I’ve been writing pretty much since I knew how. Starting with little stories in preschool and continuing to fill notebooks upon notebooks through my childhood and teenage years. I wrote my first full manuscript in my early twenties. : )

Impressive… What, to you, are the most important elements of good writing?

An engaging story and characters you can connect with. I love a good character-driven story! Some writers have beautiful prose (which I might envy a little while I also love reading it lol), and it can be a joy to read. That said, for me, a great story and characters will usually win out and I’ll admit to reading a lot of commercial fiction since it’s quick and easy to read (and I have little spare time).

Too many errors will break a story for me, though. I can handle reading stories with a few mistakes here and there, especially here on Wattpad when a lot of the stories are first drafts, but I do believe it’s important to make an effort to get the grammar and dialogue punctuation right. A poorly edited story can have all the right elements, but if it’s littered with mistakes it will often break the immersion and the magic is lost.

Very true! How do you develop your plot and characters? With the characters in your ONC entry specifically in mind.
I’m a bit of a pantser, if I’m honest. I often start with a vague idea and then flesh it out as I go along. Usually, I will sit down and make a vague plot line once I’m a few chapters in and the story has taken more shape in my mind. (Occasionally, I have more plotted before I start, but mostly this is how it happens.)

As for characters, it’s often a similar pattern. Some characters start out more fleshed out than others, while some take more shape as I go along. In my ONC it’s almost cheating as my MMC, James Grafton has been a side character in two other stories already so I already know quite a bit about him.

Penelope, however, is brand new. When creating characters it’s important to not make them too perfect, but also not so flawed that they’re irredeemable! I often like giving them a little quirk. James annoyingly uses food to describe certain colours and has been told off about it in the past lol.

Very important details as far as writing out characters are concerned. So far, what part of the book did you have the hardest time writing? Why?

I’m not very far in, so it’s a difficult question to answer… Right now, my biggest problem is finding the time to write! lol

What genre is your entry in?

It’s a Historical Romance, set during the Regency period 🙂

Why that genre?

It’s a genre I’ve written before and enjoy both reading and writing. The story is a spin-off from one of my main series with a side character from that series.

What does one need to know to write Historical fiction and even romance?
You need to do at least some level of research into the customs and habits of the time period you’re writing.

Clothing and everyday life. You don’t need to share every detail, but it helps to have an idea of what your world is like. Sure, you could wing it, but some readers of historicals are quite knowledgeable and will only suspend belief up to a certain point, and may call you out if you’re taking too many liberties.

For Historical Romance specifically, at least for the time period I write, there were a lot of social rules around courting and meeting people of the other sex. So you have to be a little inventive to find ways for your characters to interact within the confines of their world, but still, be able to build their romantic relationship in a believable way.

For any type of romance, I recommend working on good dialogue and building tension in the relationship 😉

These are good tips! Makes me wanna write a HisFic already. Nice. So what motivates you to write?

All the plot bunnies that jump around in my head and won’t leave me alone! Haha…

I don’t know, it’s just something I really enjoy doing and I can’t imagine a life where I didn’t write at all. For more immediate motivation, comments and reads on Wattpad have that instant gratification that helps you keep going at a reasonable pace.

Wattpad has its magic, yeah. How do you process and deal with negative book reviews? If you’ve had some before, that is.

I’ve been fairly lucky that most reviews so far have been fairly positive. If someone points out errors, I’m usually just grateful. If someone doesn’t like my book, there’s not much I can do about it. I think it’s important for us writers to remember that you can never please everyone. There will always be someone for whom your book is just not their cup of tea, and that’s okay. There will be other readers that do love your book, and that’s what matters.

This is deep. Any last words, please?

Write because you love it. Write the book(s) you want to read, and hopefully, there are readers out there who will want to read them too. 🙂

Great advice! Thank you for doing this.

Find Emily on:

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/writeremilymorgans/
Website: https://www.emilymorgans.com/ 

This interview is a part of a series: The Author’s Lounge. This series will incorporate both video and written interviews and sometimes, voice interviews.

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