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Category: Poetry

I took a shower last night.  With feet naked on the cold tile, Hands clutched to the sponge pile Water running through all places right. I felt my heart dampen, my memories jumping.  And I knew  the uncried tears needed way out So I let it.  I cried  into the splattering sounds  of the shower.  […]

Oi, I know it’s been long I posted anything here. Been busy. Everything will change soon. So, I was inspired by the muse today, except it wasn’t the usual one. This muse was the photography muse. 😅 I took some pictures of my hand, yes, my hand. They are amazing alright? No need to roll […]

A true gem you are!  Gracefully made with  A heart of gold — one filled with Purpose. Just like a star, Even where there is darkness,  You flicker and the blackness harkens. A beautiful soul you are!  Ye that possesses the jar  Radiantly filled with inner beauty. Priceless — All tools for measurement cannot Of […]

In the end, it was just me  and my thoughts. A painful trap,  long after you were gone. When last did you  show me the yearnings  of your soul — the raw, vulnerable and beautiful you?  You say our love was  never meant to be and I never once  did take it seriously.  But you […]

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Boakye D. Alpha