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Featured Poem: Let There Be Light

Featured Poem: Let There Be Light


Oi, I know it’s been long I posted anything here. Been busy. Everything will change soon.

So, I was inspired by the muse today, except it wasn’t the usual one. This muse was the photography muse. 😅

I took some pictures of my hand, yes, my hand. They are amazing alright? No need to roll your eyes. You will love them.

But hey, that isn’t why we are here, anyway. No. We are because a good friend of mine, Vincent Delta in the pack wrote a poem inspired by these pics that I took.

Take a look at the poem below and leave your thoughts in the comments below

Here’s one of the pics that inspired the poem


From the depths of the sea and the ends
of the world, came a raspy baritone.
From the heights of the heavens and the walks
of life, still came a raspy baritone.

And there was light!
And darkness dawned on the earth.

Go! Go!
Go and tell the world what you have seen
For He is the word and the word,
was with Him.

In Him, lives three persons—The Father,
The Son and The Spirit.
At the cross, His power manifested
When it was all finished.

22 - 11 - 2020

Another of the pics!

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