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Heeding To The Calls Of Nature With S. A. Khan’s When Nature Beckons You: A Review By Boakye D. Alpha.

Heeding To The Calls Of Nature With S. A. Khan’s When Nature Beckons You: A Review By Boakye D. Alpha.


“There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature—the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter.”

 —Rachel Carson

Have you ever acknowledged how magnificent nature is? Looks like a beautiful painting on a canvas, isn’t it? I have, more than once, been distracted by the magic of the beauty itself. Oh, look at the colours in the sunset spread across the horizon. Look at greens of the forest, the blue of the deep, the different creatures; How powerful! However, at times Nature shows her beauty only to those who want to experience it. To see her secret jewels, you really have to start to explore nature to be given many of her giftings. You have to give in to the call of nature to be one with her. So, what do you do when nature beckons you? That is the question yet to be answered. 

We owe nature a lot! Nature has given us more than we have returned. Nature has sustained us and we barely do anything to sustain it. Like a mother, Nature has breastfed us, walked us and nurtured us. But like ungrateful sons and daughters, we barely do anything to give back the love Nature has given us. Time to be awoken….time to gain back to what we have lost while we kept our heads stuck on our phones, tablets, ipads etc. Nature is calling us to her bosom. Nature is beckoning us to her abode. Should you heed to the calling? Why should you heed to the calling? That is where S.A Khan’s otherworldly anthology comes in. With its soothing song-like structure, you are being reminded of what it is at stake. Without being too violent with its subject matter, the poet takes you on a journey of what nature is, the giftings she blesses us with, how we can heed to nature’s calling and many others. 

       Let’s take a look at these selected poems from the book before heading over to the author’s page for your copy!

   As John Burroughs said, “I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order”, I believe the persona of the poem “Let Me be One of the Nature” had the same intentions. The poem below holds more than just words—it holds nature with it each letter at a time, each word at a time and each line, stanza at a time. It is one of my favourite poems from the collection and I can’t get over how it makes me feel. After reading, I just close my eyes and “be one of the nature”.  Read it for yourself! 

Let me be one of the nature,

The nature that soothes until we die.

Be invisible

Like the vapours in the sky.

To be branched along

And in the nature’s dye.

Be one of the winds

Smooth, light and fly high.

Be one of the waters

Translucid, no shape too shy.

Let me be one of the nature,

The nature where true love underlie.

Be a carpet green,

Stretched mossy, vibrant or rye.

Be a furry animal

Curiously roaming, sniffing nearby.

Be the droplets of rain

As they mix, match, give life or dry.

Be the fluffed cotton clouds

Floating effortlessly like feathers fly.

Let me be one of the nature,

The nature we all at end with—unify.

For the next poem, I see more of Gretel Ehrlich’s words in it. She said, “Everything in nature invites us constantly to be what we are” and the poem, “When Nature Beckons You” which is an acrostic poem, tells us the same tale. 

Walking into this green world

Housing millions of lives

Endlessly providing and growing

Nurturing us all, yet so strong,

Never giving up with all it has;

Aesthete like me, has fallen for you

Time and again, filling my heart.

Understanding every life and beauty

Rare and unfound within you has been

Ever flowing like the waters and the trees

Beckoning me further and further into your

Embrace— so alive, so warm filled,

Cocooning my worries and thoughts to peace,

Keeping them a bay all the while I roam

Over and over again, touching, brushing, feeling a

New world of melodies and uniqueness,

Surprises and great wisdom for those who

Yonder beyond the seen and breath a tale

Of secrecies and perspectives profound and

Unheard of— saved deep within the heart of nature.

 With these established, I know you are ready to heed to the calls of nature. 

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2 thoughts on “Heeding To The Calls Of Nature With S. A. Khan’s When Nature Beckons You: A Review By Boakye D. Alpha.

  1. Thank you so much for reading my book, I am so glad you liked it. I am grateful you wanted to write a review on it and share it to the world, thank you so much for it.

  2. I can’t… I can’t ignore anymore… I am so deeply touched, this is so beautiful…. Alpha your words have magic….

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