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Hold up! I came out! [With Vincent Delta]

Hold up! I came out! [With Vincent Delta]


Yes, you read right! I am out of the closet and I wouldn’t say I regret coming out, ever! Do you know the best thing about coming out? I bet you don’t know so much than I do right now and I will tell you what…

I have been a total mess for believing people know me much more than I could ever know myself. This kept me coiled up in a hard shell I had to create for my own safety. I coil up every time with the least of stress society been putting me through. Being in the closet and coiled up in that shell was nothing to write home about. There was nothing fancy about it and rather than making me into who I really am, it hindered me from blossoming into the beautiful flower that I was meant to be. I was a bud, never leaving the budding stage. Just like a cocoon stuck in my covering for eternity, I couldn’t come out of the covering to BE the majestic butterfly I was meant to be—I couldn’t show my colourful wings.

And hey, don’t get it twisted; not for once. Coming out of the closet here means coming out of your shells as a person and living your best life. It means letting go of the self-doubt, the low self-worth and never allowing the negative comments of others get to you. It means believing in yourself and knowing that you can do whatever you put your mind to. That was how you were made. A unique being made for greatness; an extraordinary mortal destined to be what you are destined to be.

I learnt this truth about myself, came out and the feeling is great! Oh, trust me whenever I say the feeling is great because you have no idea how great this feeling is until you dare yourself to come out as I did.

Many of you reading this may know what love is or heard about what love is but do you know what self-love is?
Look, you cannot give what you don’t have to someone, can you? In this life, what we lack is balance and what we have in scarcity is self-discovery. Many a time, people will tell you what they think you are and what they think bout you but the interesting thing about that is, you get to determine if they are right or wrong.

Did you read that? I said you have that singular power to determine whether what people say or might have said about you is valid or obsolete! Take a chance with love, learn to love yourself, love others and never underestimate the power in self-love and the beauty in love of others.

This connection, like an electrical circuit system, allows you to discover yourself to the max and that I tell you will empower you to come out and be the best you can and should be.

The thoughts in our minds we consciously hear are much less powerful than those hidden in our unconsciousness. Low self-worth is ultimately related to the secret and concealed perceptions that we interpret as reality about the universe, others and ourselves. It gets worse when others add their voices. But believe me, these are not facts. I repeat, they are not facts. They are just voices—voices meant to keep you shelled up forever…voices that speak against self-discovery and growth.

Do you wonder where your internalized “I’m not good enough” thought emanates from? Do you think like you are giving your best to life, working hard, trying hard but still can’t give credit to yourself? Do you consistently beat yourself up and think you should be more, do more, be better and not measure up in your own mind? Do you stop yourself from taking an initiative…from speaking up?…from telling yourself “I can do this!” and actually doing it? There. Those are the voices.

Until you decide to come out and tell yourself you can do it, you are always going to feel inferior. You are always going to think you are not good enough. Shut the voices in your head and the voices from those who criticize you off! But if you can’t, then be receptive to criticism that are useful. Note! be receptive to useful and worthy criticism only my brother, my sister.

Let the story of Judi Dench, Vincent van Gogh, The Beatles, J.K Rowling and many others inspire you.

Stop holding back and hold your feisty self up, singing the line “Hold up! I came out!”
Understand that what doesn’t kill is meant to make you stronger and own everything about yourself up. Make changes when needed, live freely and always remember that everyday is a second chance for you to become a better version of yourself until you cease breathing the air God first breathed into you.

Come out! Never be afraid to, but in all things be honest with yourself and others first, and never hold back when it’s not called for.

When was that time you decided to come out and be the best version of yourself? How did it go? Are you struggling with self-doubt and low self-esteem?

Let’s talk in the comment section below!

Today, I decided to feature another great writer who motivates me like no other.

So, I wrote this piece together with Vincent Delta, a brother and a member of the Let Wolf Pack. He is a very great motivator and does a miracle under his Let_Delta_Motivate series!

More about the Guest writer:

Vincent Delta (¡Wolvenstein)

Dela – Tamakloe Vincent is a Physician Assistant trainee, a budding poet/spoken wordist and an enthusiastic chess player in his early twenties. He aspires to become an astronaut and a world-renowned best selling author.

He is not so much of an avid reader but he is a big dreamer, who hopes and works towards becoming a better version of himself every passing day.

SC Handles are:
Twitter: @VintDelta
IG: @Vincent.Delta
FB: Vincent Fruitty Delta

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