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In Pursuit Of Greatness: New Year Message and Updates.

In Pursuit Of Greatness: New Year Message and Updates.


Happy New Year!

You made it to yet another year! Woohoo!

As the new year shows forth its face, we all get forfeited in the excitement of making it to yet another promising year but we also forget that as the hands of the clock turn seconds into minutes, minutes into hours and hours into days and days into months, we get closer and closer to the end of the race we are in—whatever our pursuit it.

That is a grim truth yet it ought to be told. But HEY! let’s look at the brighter side of this. You still have LIFE and that’s the most important thing.

And that is why I would like to urge you on! Before you fully get into the spirit of the new year, take a second to reflect on the previous year. Were you fruitful? Productive? Did you accomplish anything you set your mind to attain? Yes? No?

If yes, congratulations! If No, then the time to wake up is now. Time to correct what you did wrong and right the wrongs.

But before anything else, know that you were made for greatness! Don’t forget that. Where ever you find yourself, hold your head up high, believe in what you are capable of doing and live the life of greatness!

Happy New Year!

By way of updates, I have taken up a 30-day blog challenge for this January organised by Earnest Writes Community. This means that for 30 days in January, I would have to make a blogpost on their listed topics. This means more for me and you. I am ready for the challenge and I hope you read when I post.

Also, this year, I’m taking my vlogging seriously which is my today, I have made my channel intro and New year message. Watch the video below and subscribe to my channel!

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