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Keep Hope Alive

Keep Hope Alive


Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” – Thomas A. Edison

Whatever it is that you make up your mind to do…whatever career path you decide to take…whatever your talent is, never give up on your quest to taking it to the next level — to the highest level.

Always keep hope alive even when you hit rock bottom. There are people who went through the same path you are threading, fell many times, got to their lowest but never gave up! They kept on fighting even if it took everything from them. Also, all through it all, they kept hope up.

In my opinion, I believe hope and persistence are two great tools when combined, a lot is achieved. When you keep hope up and persist, there is no storm that comes your way that you won’t make your way through. There is always a victory when you persist and hope!

Never let the troubles of life get in the way of your greatness. Always remember that you were made for greatness and fight!
You can do it.


When last did you almost give up but kept hope alive? Share with us in the comment box below!

4 thoughts on “Keep Hope Alive

  1. 104220 174248Just added this blog to my favorites. I enjoy reading your blogs and hope you maintain them coming! 91398

  2. Mohammed Mariam

    Almost gave up on being capable of doing anything. In fact, I didn’t see any usefulness in my being alive but hope kept me moving and now I can see some light. Hope and persistence is a great tool when combined indeed!

  3. Life has a way of leaving one helpless. But with the light of hope, we thrive.

  4. Just yesterday, when I was so frustrated and bored, I gave up, but after stepping out and having some fresh air, I get the hope alive

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