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Me Last Night

Me Last Night


I took a shower last night. 

With feet naked on the cold tile,

Hands clutched to the sponge pile

Water running through all places right.

I felt my heart dampen,

my memories jumping. 

And I knew 

the uncried tears needed way out

So I let it. 

I cried 

into the splattering sounds 

of the shower. 

The ‘pitter-patter’, my solace.

The ‘patter-pitter’, a cloak to my sobs.

“Let the tears mix 

with the flowing water 

and let it wash away your sorrow.”

My soul screamed. 

As the water washed away 

the dirt from my naked skin,

The tears wash away my inner debris.

It gave my heart a cleansing—

a chance to heal 

Then while I wiped myself dry 

of the water, 

I wiped my tears along with it

And walked out of the shower 

like nothing happened. 

I walked into the world, ready.

Ready to face it head-on, 

ready to fight to the end.

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