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[Poem] Between Now And Then: The Dash

[Poem] Between Now And Then: The Dash

Hey, guys!

Do you remember the article I wrote, Between Now And The (The Dash), that explored the true meaning behind the dash that is seen between the date of birth and the date of death of our deceased loved ones…and how its true significance is to recapture the life one led while they had breath?

In case you haven’t read that article, click on this link to do so.

Now this article, as I got to know from the various comments I received, touched many hearts, souls and minds. A lot of you were overwhelmed by the mere truth of it and how it actually resonated with you.

One amazing poet I know wasn’t left out the enormous effect of the article either. In fact, for him, he decided to put what he felt in words—he wrote a poem from the idea.

He sent me this message after reading my article,

“Boss, if I fail to tell you this piece struck my heart violently, I may be denied entry to heaven. This is reflective! It got me thinking! The dash!!!  I just got know the utmost significance of that dash. This is flawless! It’s more than awesome! This is sagacious, a display of dexterity!!!!!
Please I’m recreating this poem: BETWEEN NOW AND THEN: THE DASH”

So, he wrote the poem. It is a beautiful poem and clearly as hard-hitting as the article I wrote. So I decided to share.

Read it below:

Between now and then;
Have you ever thought of that?
Or you bounce on with an empty mind,
Living your dash a null.

Now — this beautiful morning

with bright hope.
When the future is clear as the sky,
And your hope is sung by the birds,
As they fly high bearing goodwill on their

Now — when your petals display its brilliant colour,
And your pollen veiled in your flower,
When bees of luck lurk around your home,
Dancing around the clock like a new
wedded bride.

Now — when there’s a will to write your wish,
When you can spread love as wide as the heavens,
Blessing foes and pals in abundance,
As you go shirtless for people without a home,
Giving out your all for those in need.

Then — when your body lies dumb in white,
And your ears stiffened against the world.
When only your acts stand as you.
Defending your course at your demise.

Then — when your spirit travel beyond the yonder,
And the evil you once sprinkled
echoes loudly at you.
Hitting your lifeless body without mercy.

Then — when you will be lonely in your grave,
And your epitaph reads disgust into your ears,
When your requiem has no life in them,
And ill-fate dents your name.

Won’t you go down deep now?
Perhaps your dash you will fill with sweetness,
And live a life worthy of a song.
Perhaps the empty space will be brimmed
with scents of goodness.

Perhaps when you die,
The moon, the star and the sun will testify
that you lived truly.
Perhaps your body won’t be a feast
for the beasts in the air.

Between now and then;
Shall you awaken your mind from slumber,
And feed your soul
With the truth of life.

By Fab_du_solvic

About the Poet

Ajani Samuel Victor popularly known with his pseudonym “fab_du_solvic”, is a writer, poet and author who hails from the Pacesetter state in Nigeria. He currently studies Physiology at the University of Lagos. His poems have been flagged on different literary websites and social media platforms.
Driven by a zeal to make the world a better abode, he never ceases to make friends in a bid to be in his littlest the water to quench their thirst for betterment in life.
He loves to explore, research and positively impacts people’s life. He also loves to watch and play soccer.

Follow him:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/solvic16?s=09

IG: @fab_du_solvic

Thank you for reading!

Comment your thoughts below.

8 thoughts on “[Poem] Between Now And Then: The Dash

  1. Lilian Nwagbara

    That poem captures it. Death.

  2. Darleysabutey

    It’s truly beautiful

  3. Beautiful piece

  4. Kudakwashe Simbi

    Cde your heart is as deep as your mind and any trifles are diluted in the flows of your wisdom. Your bosom could hatch an ostrich’s egg.

  5. Beautifully written piece.

  6. Absolutely stunning!

  7. Oh my, this is so awesome, very insightful and thought provoking. Hmmn.. you deserve an accolade.

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