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Reliving Withering Emotions Through Wuthering Symphony: A Poetic Analysis By Boakye D. Alpha

Reliving Withering Emotions Through Wuthering Symphony: A Poetic Analysis By Boakye D. Alpha


Paul Engle said something that is very deep when put to thoughts. I used to think about it a lot and even now it reverberates within my core whenever I hear it. 

He said, 

“Poetry is an ordinary language raised to the Nth power. Poetry is boned with ideas, nerved and blooded with emotions, all held together by the delicate, tough skin of words.”

As put earlier, I have, over the years, loved this quote and admired the very essence of it. Recently, I got reminded of it as I perused the pages of “Wuthering Symphony” a poetry collection by Rubaia M. Quill and Arifur Rahaman.

“Wuthering Symphony” is a collection of poetry that is set to take its readers on a poetic journey which consists of a symphony of trivial and important emotions that we all know about but are withering away because of the strong winds of our lives. As you flip through the pages of the book, you are being reminded by the poets to relive those emotions and enjoy life once again.

If you ask me to use a word to describe the book, I’d say “Life.”

Yes, the book is life and has life. It embodies everything that is life. It is amazing how through carefully arranged strings of words, you get to be alive and experience the significance of life. 

Over the years, the meaning of life has been questioned by many. Many still struggle to find out what exactly life is or isn’t. It is a mystery. The query of the meaning of life is possibly one that we would rather not ask, for fear of the answer or lack thereof.

Now, I am not saying that when you read the book, you get to understand or get the answers to this century-old question but at least you get to experience it or have a feel of what it could be or what it might be. 

The treasures concealed in the trenches of this book aren’t one to be overlooked. I will help you uncover some of these treasures with the review of some selected poems from the book. Follow through and make a bold decision to get a copy for yourself. 

The first poem will be “Birth of Life”.  My expression after reading this poem was “wow! this is so deep.”

So, I reached out to the poet and asked her what inspired the poem and this is what she said…

My life actually kind of. When I wrote that poem I was in that kind of ruin where I used to see the light (moon) but never felt her within me. Slowly, my eyes started working as a prism as I started concentrating on Nature. And then one after the other, incidents happened to lead to the ‘Birth of Life’—a reborn of myself like a small sapling amid a desert of destruction.”

“Birth Of Life” 

wuthering cacophony is gliding gracefully in the winds

A prismic light is colouring the canvas of the ruins

Drops of crystal is dazzling the piercing light

And a melancholy Selene keeps waiting on a swing.

Soaring time and dawn’s cozy scarlet comes to sight 

they blend and embrace the Blackness of the night

Zeus is waiting patiently to meet his Helios

Along with Selene though            over is the nite.

Call they the five elements with a sigh

Trying to unite the mighty emblems singing a lullaby

A bright light gets thrust upon the ruins    and slowly

A sprouting green comes to life against   the desolation as a Bligh.

I am sure you are left in awe too after reading the poem. Just as the poet described, there is a rebirth of the life that was in ruin. The ending lines do justice to that “A bright light gets thrust upon the ruins    and slowly/ A sprouting green comes to life against   the desolation as a Bligh.” (Lines 11 &12). 

Let’s have a look at the last poem then you can get a copy of the book to get drenched in the essence of life.  

This next poem is a poem about the beautiful love story of two people meant to not be together. They are both different in so many ways—when he was the “first ray of Dawn”, she was the ” last ray of night”. Forbidden love stories abound. Whether it being parents restricting their children from interacting with certain friends or significant others; friends or family members opposing our relationship partners; or maybe falling in love with a colleague, boss, or someone who is already devoted to a serious relationship. This already exists in life and is a part of life. The pain is sometimes unbearable and the poet captures that in the poem. 

Another example that this book is life—it covers all aspects of life through the lens of poetic language…one beautifully framed. 

Let’s read the poem: 

    Forbidden Love

They both were alike, yet different.  First ray of Dawn

he was,   she was the Last ray of Night.

Everyday they met   but   for a split second.

Days passed turning into years their split seconds blended together.

Defying laws, dreams they weave, Together, only to be shattered.

“Forbidden! is their blending.”, the dark grey clouds declared.

But foolish clouds they were.   Forgot the strength of Love.

Years passed again. Same vast canvas with grey bars, electric shocks   is

in view.  In View is Them.  Knotted,  Together.   faint bright

smiles, fingers intertwined as hum they,  their blending love.

Just when you feel you can’t have enough of the life in the book, Arifur’s poems come in and add to the magic. 

One of his poem that also encapsulates the life I talk about, is his poem about our generation—one that somewhat looks like a mosaic pieces yet to be put in art. Read an excerpt of the poem below and find out from the full poem, when you buy the book, what Arifur thinks of our generation. 

“Fake Generation.”

In a world full of darkness,

I stood out, all alone .

Without having any idea 

If I’m right, or they were wrong. 

Their whispers seep through, 

the wall vents, 

the crackle in the phone, 

the inch left underneath the bedroom door

‘The fake normalcy.’

I hope I got your attention now. 

Visit the links below to get yourself a copy of ” Wuthering Symphony.” 


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