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The Demons We Run From


Since time immemorial the human race has been dragging its feet from the clingy winks of some man-hunting acts and ironically enough, these demons are placed strategically in every nook and cranny of life. There’s no time to stop lest we get caught in the gimmicks of these demons and we have our essence laid bare to life’s tomfoolery.

The Demons that we run from is a powerful anthology that digs deep into “toxins” of life, it exudes a lot of emotion and also tends to nail those dark foes that threaten our sanity. It’s a painting of reality and actuality – it’s not just a poem, it’s an oracle .

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An excerpt poem by Boakye D. Alpha from the Anthology! What are your thoughts? Share in the comment below.

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What are some of the demons you or anyone else for that matter run from?

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