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The LightBlood Series

Anaya: The Dark Voyage

Book #1 — The LightBlood Series

She dies but gets her life back in someone else’s body.

Someone absolutely unknown yet someone who holds a deep connection with her… rather her true self.

Confused, she starts on a journey whose path is unknown to her. A journey which makes her leave all behind, even her own identity.

Anaya, a novel by Boakye D. Alpha is a beautiful blend of fantasy and history which gave birth to a book series called LightBlood.

The author of this novel is an amazing and brilliant writer with a good hold on vocabulary. He already has some amazing books in his basket but the first book of the LightBlood series has broken all his previous records. A very common phrase said by his readers for this book is, “The author is always there just through Anaya.”

This novel will make you feel as if you are time travelling where you go back and forth from past to present throughout the book, sometimes piercing your heart with all sorts of emotions to sometimes biting your nails. It’s s book for those who are in love with fantasy, history, death, disaster, interesting characters, emotions, love, drama, and most importantly the rich cultural background of Africa.

All I can say at the end is, if you want to read a book which will quench your appetite for reading, Anaya – A Dark Voyage by Boakye D. Alpha is the book for you.

— RUBAIA M. QUILL, author of Wuthering Symphony.

Xorlali: The Saviour Exists

Book #2 — The LightBlood Series

In the busy streets of Accra, a blind woman is held by the arm by a seeing companion who thrusts a cup in the direction of passing pedestrians, moving from vehicle to vehicle, pleading for mercy and asking for alms in the hope of getting a few coins for food — no matter how little.

Xorlali is a twenty-two-year-old young adult who lost her sight during an outbreak of measles when she was only two years old. Since then, all she has encountered in life is darkness — literally and figuratively. Surviving in a community that has little reverence for her condition has been one of the many challenges she has to face aside trying to live by begging when people didn’t have anything to give. Or should I say, didn’t want to give?

Her world takes a quick three-sixty turn when she gets a visit from an unexpected visitor telling her the fate of the world is in her hands. How is that even possible when she cannot see? But Xorlali is soon to realize that not seeing is one of the least things she has to worry about.

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Boakye D. Alpha
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