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The Shining White Sun

The Shining White Sun

Hey, LightSouls!

Remember the spin-off contest I had for Anaya: The Dark Voyage, the first book in my LightBlood Series? Well, I am ready to share the entries with you!

Read Spin-offs on the LightBlood Series!
Get captivated by the imagination of writers all around the world as they explore the LightBlood realm.

Read the first story in the Spin-off collection by S. A. Khan

Excerpt ↓↓

It was one of those days for Anaya where she woke up to the sun up in the sky but the clouds covered it so much that the day seemed very dull and boring. It brought a sense of unease to her mind and she felt the need to find something that could distract her. Something, just anything at all.
Anaya thought about it. What would one do on a day as such? When the sun itself was sulking in a corner, clouded by its own judgement to see that it was supposed to shine.
She decided to call up Xorlali with her brand new phone, carefully dialling her number out, hoping she wouldn’t call some other number this time.

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