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To Whoever Receives This Letter — Letter 1

To Whoever Receives This Letter — Letter 1


I never expected to write this but perhaps, I am writing this with you in mind. One day, you will get your hands on this letter and remember that someone cared about you — someone you never knew did care about you. Someone believed in your struggles and knew your pain. Someone knew that you were made for greatness. 

Now hear me, for one reason or another, if this letter has found itself at your doorstep, it means it has been hurled to and fro, gotten lost in the sea of other writings and chaos of the world and even, it may have fallen once or twice as the mailman couriered it but it still found you. 

Listen, don’t ever give up. Don’t let the struggles of life beat you down and keep you there. You are stronger than you think. You are more than capable. Yes, life has beaten you to the core. You’re bedridden by the challenges that you face every now and then. The struggles are too many for you and you feel you have fought your best but no better result has come out of it and you feel it is time you give up.

What if I tell you that you are wrong? 
What if I tell you that giving up will be the worst mistake you ever made in your life? 
What if I tell you that your success is nearer than you think and it won’t be long before you look back, smile and be proud of your struggles? 

Take it from someone who has taken the pain to write you this letter — not knowing whether you will get it but hoping that you will and so if you are reading this, know that the universe is speaking to you. You have been chosen to be part of something greater. Do not let yourself down because you can never forgive yourself if you do.

You have enough strength in you to fight through this. You can. I know you can. I believe in you. Don’t let any situation in life keep you away from the greater.

Climb that mountain to the top and you will see that the view is larger from up there. Crawl that tunnel to the end and you will see that the small light you saw at the beginning is larger and brighter. 

Fight. Fight through it. 
Give it your all — whatever you are doing — and believe in it, and believe that you can.

Keep hope alive and keep fighting. 

This is where the ink from my quill gets faint — at least for today.
I will write to you again. Believe me, I will. 
I will leave this letter to the wind and hope it gets flown to your doorstep. 

Know that I will be thinking of you.
Let me know when you get it by following the link below to my twitter account.

Yours in exploring life’s greatest gift — hope.
Boakye D. Alpha

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10 thoughts on “To Whoever Receives This Letter — Letter 1

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  4. Beautiful Paps

  5. Yellow. Sun. Shine

    I don’t have twitter but
    Great piece… Full of hope and love. I say love because you have to love other people more than you love yourself to write this. Thank you for your humanity!

  6. Begins with T and ends with Y

    The hope I feel right now, after reading this, is nothing compared to what I’ve felt in the past. Its lovely and peaceful. Thank you. By the way, this Is fabulous. Keep it up.

  7. Sun Child ✨

    Thank youu for this

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