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To Whoever Receives this Letter, Trust The Process — Letter 2

To Whoever Receives this Letter, Trust The Process — Letter 2


It has been long since I wrote the first letter to you and I feel I haven’t been the best of friends as I promised to check up. Well, as we all know it, a lot has happened since last I wrote — the world has gone through series of changes, we are in difficult times, also clearly, we all saw that racism wasn’t really a thing of the past (more on this later), people still rape girls (sigh)…



Boakye D Alpha

Anyway, how have you been? I believe you are holding up (no matter what you are going through or have been through).

Just as I said in the first letter, 

“I never expected to write this but perhaps, I am writing this with you in mind. One day, you will get your hands on this letter and remember that someone cared about you — someone you never knew did care about you. Someone believed in your struggles and knew your pain. Someone knew that you were made for greatness.”

Have you ever been obsessed with the success of something you are working on that you feel you are never going to be at rest until you succeed or that you will feel very disappointed if you fail? 

Well, that feeling is normal. We all feel that sometimes. 

Life is all about going upward and all out to pursue your dreams. When your mind is set, you would dare to defy the odds just to reach the climax. The feeling of success is satisfying. I don’t know about you but failure really scares the wolf out of me. That is why many have the opinion that “You either succeed or die trying”.  

To a point, that is normal. That is why I’d admonish you to not let any kind of obstacle or failure pin you down or push you against the wall and keep you from achieving success in whatever you pursue…fight hard the battle of life and take the challenges with courage, determination and perseverance. 

Ray Kroc even puts it better, 

“Press on. Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.” 

However, at times, you have to learn how to trust the process. 

I used to sit still (with eyes as weary and as hallow), take a look around me, take a look at some of my colleagues, look at some people around the globe same age as myself, what they’ve done or achieved in life, places they’ve gone to and the height they’ve gotten to in life then I ask myself, “What at all am I doing wrong? or is there something I’m supposed to do that I’m not doing right?” 

These types of questions bothered me for a while. I would beat myself up (well, literally) for being that behind in life until I came into a realization of some basic principle — a life-changing principle which has helped me a lot…a principle which can be analogized with the proverbial ‘dawn of recognition’…a principle which made me take a look at myself in the mirror and made me TRUST IN THE PROCESS. 

I found out it wasn’t because I wasn’t as good as these forenamed people (I might even be better than some of them) but maybe because I wasn’t there yet. Yes maybe, just maybe, I wasn’t there yet. 

When I found this out, I sat down and accessed myself. Supposing I had been called to do any of the things they are doing, will I be able to do it? Should I find myself at where they are, will I be able to handle the pressure that comes with it? Is my mind fully developed? Am I ready for all the attention? The responsibilities? 

The answer was NO. And the “No” wasn’t because I wasn’t as good as them but “no”, because there was a process I had to go through…there was a need for me to be prepared for when I’m finally brought where I’m supposed to be. Just like the Phoenix, I needed to be burnt to ashes and rise from the fire as majestic as ever and that hadn’t happened yet. The lessons weren’t all that learnt yet. I realized that just as the blacksmith would take time to put a shapeless metal into the fire and mould it into beautiful structures, I was being put through fire. The process was thus long but I had to trust the process. 

Then there’s the principle of “everything happening in their own time”. I know I might sound like I am preaching here but that’s the truth (one I have grown to believe) — to everything, there is in life, there are a time and space for it. For the Christians, Ecclesiastes 3 says it better. 

A friend might have made it because it surely was their time and that moment was theirs to own. If you should be given the space now, you might not go as far as you will if you trust the process. That is why you shouldn’t be disheartened or discouraged if you have something in you or doing something but you haven’t been noticed yet. 

You may be called to the spotlight and because you didn’t wait your time to be groomed and pass through the process, you won’t last long in whatever avenue you find yourself in. It is a permanent success we all seek not temporary glory and success. 

Just be patient and wait for the right time. Just keep moving forward with hope and the day is not so far when life will put the crown on your head as a successful human being. 

Everyone is rushing to get to the top, all the while failing to realize that the “top” is just a mindset; it can be infinite if you let it be. It’s like everyone is running on a treadmill, trying to get to where they want to go and convincing themselves that they’ll only have worth when they reach that next “level.” Everyone wants to save time getting to the top, but all they end up doing is wasting it. (Psychology Today)

Don’t fall victim to the “rush”. Just relax, take deep breaths, keep fighting and trust the process! You will get there. You will. 

This is where the ink from my quill gets faint — at least for today.

I will write to you again. Believe me, I will. 

I will leave this letter to the wind and hope it gets flown to your doorstep. 

Know that I will be thinking of you.

Let me know when you get it.


Yours in exploring life’s greatest gift — hope.

Boakye D. Alpha


10 thoughts on “To Whoever Receives this Letter, Trust The Process — Letter 2

  1. A must read for everyone needing inspiration and motivation to keep on pushing harder. Bless you Alpha.

  2. The first time I read this, I couldn’t comment because I broke down (not in tears literally cause I hardly cry but the feeling was so intense) and was touched. Today, I came back to say thank you for that piece.

  3. Anonymous Khan

    This is so heartwarming, so so so beautiful and hopeful and nice and sweet and crazily wowiee….. I love it.. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Yellow. Sun. Shine

    You’re very empathetic which is something I admire.
    Can’t wait for letter 3!

  5. Thanks Alpha, keep on keeping on too, reach for the skies.

  6. This is truly inspirational really worth reading..Do write another letter for we are expectant..

  7. True! We need to be patient, enjoy the journey and trust the process because whatever happens, happens for us and for a reason.

    • AbdulHafeez Yakub

      This is a great piece for us to reflect on. It’s indeed a message we wouldn’t get out of this comment box after reading without knowing what you are taking home because none is gonna be the wiser.

      • Edet Isiting

        Life happens in stages, if we skip those stages then we would definitely not feel what it really means to live.

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