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True Gem

True Gem

A true gem you are! 

Gracefully made with 

A heart of gold — one filled with

Purpose. Just like a star,

Even where there is darkness, 

You flicker and the blackness harkens.

A beautiful soul you are! 

Ye that possesses the jar 

Radiantly filled with inner beauty. Priceless —

All tools for measurement cannot

Of course, measure your worth. 

Formed at the very core with virtue,

Of course, you are a woman of substance. 

Rare gems are hard to find, they say. But

I found one —Agape Yayra Ofori.

Happy Birthday, dear.  May this special day bring you endless joy and tons of precious memories!

7 thoughts on “True Gem

  1. Beautiful acrostic poem.
    It’s wonderful.

  2. Clinton Durueke

    This is brilliant!

  3. Deborah Essilfie

    Wow this is so beautiful . JBA sis Yayra. You’re a true gem indeed. A true son for that matter. Age with Grace.

  4. An acrostic poem with a wonderful message. Wow, you got lucky birthday girl. Age gracefully

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