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Ubuntu: A Tribute to Humanity

We are losing ourselves – our humanity – in today’s world as we chase after our individual dreams and fight through the challenges life throws our way. The idea of ‘we’ is lost to many and crowded by greed, lies and whatnot. Everyone is out there for himself or herself and at the end of the day, it is what they will get that matters most to them.

They will do all they will have to do to get what they want regardless of who they take down along the way. That is morbid!

Love is dead!
Humanity is lost!
But it isn’t too late. We can always go back and pick up what we lost.

This is just a wakeup call. Let us be each other’s keeper, keep love and hope alive!

Boakye D. Alpha
Ghana, West Africa.

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The Philosophical aspect of life in Boakye’s poetry anthology ”Ubuntu”

5.0 rating
September 16, 2020

This anthology of poetry titled, ”Ubuntu” by Boakye D. Alpha is a philosophical book that needs closer scrutiny when reading it. The melodic ebb in the collection is a characteristic of William Wordsworth’s poetic voice. The diction in it defines that the artist does have a broad network of terminology from which he intertwines his artistic magnificence. I enjoyed it more than words can say.
The title itself can draw the attention of readers.l like the good selection of the title. The philosophical aspect in it, that makes it more interesting as it take us back to the history of our godfathers of humanism such as Kwame Nkrumah etcetera etcetera. This is high definition poetry.
In the poem ”Monsters at Bay” the author takes us through the pathways of finding the self (identity) as a characteristic of ubuntu. As exemplified by the following stanza,
”Sometimes we ask for
forgiveness from ourselves
for the monster that we’ve become. For losing ourselves in the mist
of the overwhelming attention.
For letting the good praises of others
When the very core of our existence
is forgotten
When we tend to forget
who we are and where are coming from…”
This stanza is loaded with powerful philosophical statements of ubuntu. The author lambasts the idea of ignoring the reason why we were brought on this earth. He clearly elaborates, that people should put aside the tendency of worshipping other people forgetting ourselves that is our identity.
The author is also against the idea of acquiring earthly material things at the expense of ubuntu. He is advocating for the dogma that says, ” seek ye first ubuntu and all shall be added unto you.”
l am thrilled by the whole anthology, I must confess. This is real art, because I know one when I see it. I like how the poet dissects the ideology of ubuntu in the anthology through the use of powerful techniques that can leave the reader without any question but to just embrace the principle of ubuntu and live happily after.
In the poem ”Guilty. Failed. Blind Eye” the artist clearly elaborates, that no one is perfect or no one is righteous in this wretched earth that we are living in. This is elaborated by the following line, ”We are all guilty yet, we are all loved.
We have all failed…”
Yet, the author didn’t just stop there he went on further to elaborate, that though we have all sinned we have been given second chances to repent and be our brother’s keepers driven by the philosophy that says, ” I am because we are.”
The writer blasts people for turning a blind eye against the suffering and the pain of others. Putting the principle of humanism at risk. There is a biblical verse which reads, ” give and you will be given.” on this poem, the artist upholds it as a necessity in the lives of humanity. He is against people who just want to benefit from others without them being of benefit to the others as well. He also touches on the principle of collectivism which has been preached by philosophers like Karl Marx and others.
In summation, after reading the whole anthology l have realised that the author is not just an ordinary writer but a wide reader who touches on philosophical aspects of life.
This is the best reads I have read so far. This anthology is a bombshell. It is a must-read book. Blessed are those who read good books.

Kudakwashe P. Simbi

Save the humanity

5.0 rating
September 7, 2020

BOOK :- Ubuntu A tribute to humanity
AUTHOR : – Boakye D Alpha
GENRE :- Poetry
FORMAT :- Paperback
PAGE :- 21
This book shows the reality of the person we have become by leaving our main root of existence as we are humans we should cherish humanity, not the colour of people, not the gender of people these things are stopping us to reach to our very destination which is to make this earth nirvana a place where no one could do differently on the basis of colours and genders only they have to do is cherish the humanity and live beyond the mere existence of such thoughts that divides us…
I believe the poet has asked from everyone that is this life is worth where the difference lies everywhere, we should cherish what we have and be the person who gives happiness to the person who is in pain, not becomes the person who gives pain to other people.
Humanity is lost somewhere nowadays and now what we have to do is to believe in yourself and start helping people when they need you and this will change many hearts and people will start helping each other and what we need is believe in humanity and support every soul with your heart and another person will do the same and gradually the world will change.
In my entire life I have judged people by their attitude and it worked many times but now I am asking from myself who I am to judge them, everyone has their mindset and full freedom to live his or her life how they want to live isn’t, but what I am trying to say here is that we should have to stop judging the people because who knows it will help us to know the new world or the people.
The poet has tried to give some light on humanity by his poetry by asking the question we all have to ask ourselves and work on it by becoming a good person.
The language of the book is quite simple to understand and I believe this is also a self-help book because this book will raise some questions that will make you change yourself.

Prince raj

Response from Boakye D. Alpha

Thank you very much!

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